Collection: MARKHOR Hunting Backpacks

For over 10 years, the French Brand MARKHOR Hunting has been extremely popular in Europe and around the world. More recently, products have become available in the United States and have received widespread praise and sales. The main differences that separate MARKHOR from competing brands are: our packs were created and designed (in the countryside of Mont Blanc in France) by hunters, for hunters. All products were tested in hunting situations by JP Mateo (CEO of Markhor) and the Markhor Pro Team, including Ovini Expeditions. They are extremely cost-effective compared to the major US brands.

We keep our focus on the hunter and the outdoors rather than on expensive advertising. By working this way, MARKHOR has maintained a range of well-designed, quality products with a 15-year warranty.

Markhor Hunting is positioned as the "high-end" brand of technical hunting backpacks.