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MARKHOR IBEX Evo II 75+10 Green

MARKHOR IBEX Evo II 75+10 Green

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MARKHOR IBEX Evo II 75+10 Green


IBEX technical EVOLUTION II backpacks are equipped with adjustable backs for unmatched comfort carrying heavy loads.

These backpacks can be used to carry an animal inside, the bag being protected by its anti-blood bag. They combine efficiency with evenly distributed load weight and feature special clips for firearms or bow. A wide flexible opening facilitates loading the bag with gear or animals. There is also an opening at the bottom of the pack for use as alternate entry.  Straps on the outsides of the pack allow for carrying a shotgun or tripod using the zip out pouch that supports the weight of either.


Color scheme in earthy green and beige make this a great camouflage bag. To carry an adult animal (goat or wild sheep, for example) the 75 + 10 L model is your choice, as it easily withstands the weight.

- Main material: waterproof fabric, durable and silent in bronze green color.
- Back: Vario System for adjustable straps, anatomic high density foam wrapped in 3D honeycomb mesh to wick away perspiration and contour to the shape of the back. Pre-formed aluminum frames stabilize the load while maintaining good flexibility.
- Straps: padded foam 3 D honeycomb mesh, chest strap with safety whistle. Handwarmer and clips for the weapon's strap. Clips for the tube of a water bladder (right or left).
- Belt: Reinforced foam with 3D honeycomb mesh and high density, reinforcements for stabilization, new loops with easy adjustment, removable.
- Hydration pocket: Pre-equipped for a water bladder.
- Compartments: 1 main compartment with partition (2 compartments).
- Pockets: 2 side pockets with bellows, top flap: one outside pocket and 1 inside pocket, 1 pocket on the front of the bag (binoculars and cartridges)
- Zips: YKK zips New reversed (the global benchmark for zips).
- Access: the main compartment by a large opening to help load an animal (for example). Anti-blood pocket with taped seams not to soil the bag (the bag is not intended for transport of heavy loads beyond its use in the backpack).
- Caddy: two straps with clips and protection + zip out butt pocket to transport a firearm or bow, 4 attachment points for bottom rucksack, 10 elastic loops for cartridges clips key chains, fluorescent safety cap (on the flap)

Green outer bag cover (supplied with the bag) or white for camouflage in snowy weather (optional).
Carrying handle.
- Compression: 2 on each side compression straps to adjust the volume of the bag material transported with 2 elastic pockets for laterally carrying a weapon or a telescope tripod and walking sticks.

Biomechanical studies have shown that a good distribution of the weight of the backpack makes porting more efficient and is essential to minimize back strain.

Loading bag: The IBEX Evolution bags are designed to carry loads on the most difficult and most extreme terrain. Correctly loading the bag is critical in the stability and comfort of the load. Ideally, a light object (a sleeping bag for example) must be loaded into the main pocket. In the main compartment of the bag, heavy items should be placed in the middle, the lighter objects outside and average weight of heavy items against the wall immediately in contact with the back.
The contents of the bag should be as compact as possible so that the load remains near the body. The lightest items should be placed in the upper portions of the bag.


Product dimensions :

  • Weight: 7.49 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 27.5 x 15 x 9.8 inches
  • Capacity: 4,577 + 610 cubic inches


  • 100% Polyester
  • PVC backing


  • Markhor® Green

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