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MARKHOR MACHO MONTES EVO IV 35 Green Hunting Backpack

MARKHOR MACHO MONTES EVO IV 35 Green Hunting Backpack

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MARKHOR MACHO MONTES EVO IV 35 Green Hunting Backpack

The MARKHOR Hunting MACHO MONTES EVO IV 35 hunting backpack has an ultra-comfortable back AIR TEX System consisting of a tense net material. Particularly effective to remove perspiration.

Technical facts

  • Main material: 100% polyester waterproof fabric; durable and silent with Desolve® Veil® pattern.
  • Beige Cordura® Ripstop inserts.
  • Back: AIR TEX System to wick away perspiration and follow the shape of the back. Pre-formed frame provides good flexibility. 
  • Straps: 3D mesh padded honeycomb foam chest strap and 2 Clips for transporting the gun or bow. Clips for water bladder tubes (right or left). 
  • Belt: With honeycomb mesh and 2 zipped pockets with bellows; removable
  • Hydration pocket: Pre-equipped for a water bladder. 
  • Compartments: 1 main compartment. 
  • Pockets: 2 side pockets (+ 2 open pockets) for the flap: 1 outside pocket and 1 inside pocket; 2 pockets on the belt. 
  • Zips: YKK zips reversible (the global benchmark for zips). 
  • Access: The main compartment through an opening on the top of the bag with brown outer cover bag. 
  • Caddy: Fluorescent safety cap (on the flap) and signaling the bag (handy when it gets dark); carrying handle. 2 compression straps on each side of the bag.


  • Markhor® Green

Product dimensions

  • Weight: 3.97 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 22.83 x 13.39 x 6.69 inches
  • Capacity: 2,136 cubic inches (35 liters)


  • 100% Polyester
  • Cordura® Ripstop
  • PVC backing


Adjustment: To adjust the bag for a perfect fit it is important to do so carefully and make minor adjustments to make sure the bag fits your frame. Make sure that the shoulder strap passes over the shoulder from the back panel without any gaps between strap and shoulder. The belt should be snug and placed on the top of the hips. Depending on the setting; allow enough space to remove or add layers of clothing. Preferred pack for longer trips by guides and hunting outfitters.

Firmly compress the content using external compression straps. The aim is to give the bag an elongated and slim profile. It is particularly important to maintain lateral balance: a bag that leans to one side puts excessive pressure on the spine and irritates shoulders. Also; be sure to put your heaviest gear inside the main compartment. Attaching various pieces of equipment around the outside of the bag can seriously disrupt the balance; especially when they can swing in any direction. Finally; avoid putting too many heavy items in the top flap as too much weight will make it overly heavy from the top. For maximum comfort this is to be avoided.

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